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VMware SRM 6.5 licensing

Updated: Jun 16, 2018

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 6.x is an extension to VMware vCenter that provides disaster recovery capabilities to VMware customers.

There are two editions with the release of vCenter Site Recovery Manager 6.x

1. SRM 6.x Standard is designed for smaller environments and is limited to 75 protected virtual machines per physical site and per SRM instance. If at any given time, the number of protected virtual machines exceeds seventy five, you are required to upgrade all your VMware Site Recovery Manager Standard Edition license to VMware Site Recovery Manager Enterprise Edition. Restriction shall not apply if a failover of protected virtual machines causes the number of Protected virtual machines to exceed the SRM Standard Edition Restriction within a physical facility or building for a reasonable period of time.

2. SRM 6.x Enterprise is designed for bigger environment with no limitation to protected virtual machines

This table outlines the features of SRM 6.x Standard and Enterprise editions

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