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Free, Step by step: How to deploy EMC Unity VSA

Updated: Jun 16, 2018

Dell EMC UnityVSA runs the same software as Dell EMC Unity storage platforms and supports up to 4 TB of capacity in a VMware ESXi environment. A licensed version will allow to setup up to 50TB of unified storage.

Minimum System Requirement:

vCenter version 5.5. update 2 or later

ESXi 5.5 - 6.5


vCPU 2


Let us start, How to download, Import in VMware ESXi, Install and Configure.


Click here to download Dell EMC UnityVSA

Import EMC UnityVSA to VMware ESXi

Step 1: Browse vSpehre client and click on Create\Register VM to deploy EMC Unity ova file

Step 2: Browse and Locate UnityVSA ova file and then import it.

Step 3: Select datastore you want to import UnityVSA disk (Minimum Capacity : 84GB)

Step 4: Select network for EMC UnityVSA, Best practices are separate network for management accessible from management workstation and data accessible to host

Step 5: Enter IP Adress and system name

Step 7: Click finish to complete import wizard.

Note: Sometime the management IP address configured during the ova import wizard may not work. In this case, you can configure IP address manually using bellow command

Login to EMC UnityVSA from vSphere console using service account (User name: service Password: service)

svc_initial_config -4 ""

Configure Unity VSA Initial Settings:

Step 1: Login to EMC Unisphere, Enter management IP address and credentails

Username: admin

Password: Password123#

Step 2: Once you login, Initial configuration wizard will automatically popup.

Step 3: Accept license agreement and change admin and service pasword.

Step 4: Configure DNS Server and click Next

Step 5: Click Add and enter your NTP server address.

Step 6: Unisphere license need to obtain from EMC website, Copy system UUID.

Step 7:Browse and enter System UUID and Select product name and then submit to download license.

Step 8: Browse and locate license file downloaded in previous step and click finish for activation.

Step 9: In this step, We are going to create pools. Unisphere scans for virtual disk available to the UnityVSA. By default no virtual disk is availble to Unity VSA.

Step 10: Go to UnityVSA VM settings from vSphere client and add virtual disk as per your requirement.

Step 11: Virtual added to UnityVSA will immediately appear in the tier assignment area. click in Storage tier and select a tier from drop-down list.

Step 12: Select Storage Tiers

Step 13: Select virtual disk

Step 14: Verify and click finish to complete Pool creation.

Step 15: Pool1 has created. Click Close and complete the initial configuration wizard.

Step 16: Setup Alert settings

Step 17: Click Add iSCSI interface, 4 iSCSI interfaces are available. All four interface will be added to SPA and this will bring high availability between host and storage.

Step 18: First Port, Configure Ethernet Port0, Repeat it for all four ports with different IP address.

Step 19: Once you complete all interface configuration, You will see all link status up and green tick.

Step 20: Your initial configuration has completed now. Enjoy with Dell EMC UnityVSA

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