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Shoviv Exchange Server Suite

In this article, I will introduce an Exchange server suite that can make your life easier as an Exchange admin. The Shoviv Exchange Server suite is a solution to move inaccessible items from all type of sources into live exchange server, office 365 and Outlook profile mailboxes and PST files proficiently. Shoviv can cover you from any incident related to mailbox item recovery to live systems or accessible data formats.

Recovery of email items from EDB, PST or OST always remains as a usual request from companies as people consider email as the primary source for their documents. Exchange Server extended data search make users a habit to store and retrieve data in outlook pst whenever needed. This habit grows the database and pst/ost files gradually and leads to headache at the time of any recovery operation.

Corruption to EDB or OST can happen any time due to an unexpected shutdown and crash of the application. Shoviv provides complete recovery from file like EDB, OST, and PST.

A free demo version of the software allows you to test the tool on your premises. After you complete the installation of the Shoviv Exchange server suite, you can add the source file. All versions of Exchange Server are supported by the Shoviv Exchange Recovery suite.

Sources: EDB Files, Exchange Server Mailboxes, Office365 Mailbox, Outlook Profile Stores, Exchange Server, office 365, Healthy PST files, corrupted OST/PST files.

As you read the sources list, the Shoviv Exchange recovery suite covers all the type of source to cover you from any incident related to mailbox item recovery.

Once you have the source file added to the Shoviv Exchange recovery suite, it lists out all the users, folders and items in the left plane. Shoviv provides a granular view of all the items and enables to recover of each item as an EML, MSG, RTF and HTML.

The user mailboxes can also be migrated to Live Exchange Server and Office 365 for a seamless recovery for your employees and customers. As office365 provides higher mailbox capacity, Shoviv remains the best choice to shift items from PST or old add files to Office365 without any interruption to users.

handling bulk data is always a hard thing in the IT industry, and it is also one of the parameters highly considered in the backup and recovery windows. It is common to use an incremental backup option in the industry to handle bulk data protection. In the Shoviv Exchange server suite, incremental export is an advanced feature to solve the issue of duplicate copy for small changes and prevents you from creating a new pst file for each export.

Incremental Export in Live Exchange/Office 365 is another feature add value to Shoviv Exchange server suite. Migration to Office 365 is always a tough job due to the complex steps involved. For Availability and seamless migration, complex configuration like Hybrid setup are forced to small and medium business organization. Incremental export in Live Exchange / Office 365 makes administrator life easier during migration of mailboxes.

Exchange Administrators always requested to go back to the old emails of users to export a thread of 100 emails or emails related to a particular project. Exporting a huge pst file and running a filter from an outlook is the first choice for many of the administrators. But with the Shoviv Exchange server suite filtering is performed before writing to the destination. During the export of data from the source, the Shoviv Exchange server suite provides a simple form to filter mailbox items and export only required items to PST.

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Annu Seepal
Jan 08

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