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RHEL - Mounting Partitions using UUID and LABEL

In this article, I will explain how to mount partition from beginning.

I have added a new disk to my virtual machine running in VMware workstation

1. Open the terminal and run lsblkd

2. Then run parted with selected disk device with elevated privilege

sudo parted /dev/nvme0n3
print // to see the result
mklabel gpt

3. create a 1 Gb partition using mkpart

mkpart primary ext4 1MiB 1024MiB

update the device and create a folder mymount1 to mount the newly created drive

udevadm settle
sudo mkdir /mymount1

4. Format and I tried to mount it using

mkfs.ext4 /dev/nvme0n3p1
sudo mount /dev/nvme0n3p1 /mymount1

But this is a temporary mount, not added to the fstab.

5. To add to fstab, we have two option. using UUID or label.

In order to use UUID, run blkid and find the UUID of new partition, and then add to fstab

6. To create a label, run the following

sudo tune2fs -L mylabel /dev/nvme0n3p1

7. Add entry to fstab with new label

8. Run mount -a.

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