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Migrate Resource Room Mailboxes to Office 365 / Exchange Online


Import Exchange Online Module

PS C:\Users\Administrator.EXAMPORTAL> Import-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement

Run connect to ExchangeOnline command. Enter your credentials and complete MFA authentication.

PS C:\Users\Administrator.EXAMPORTAL> Connect-ExchangeOnline -UserPrincipalName -ShowProgress $true

Step 2:

Run the following commands to save your on-premises credtials. This will prompt a new window to enter your On-premises Exchange Server credentails

PS C:\Users\Administrator.EXAMPORTAL> $OnPremAdmin=Get-Credential

cmdlet Get-Credential at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:

Run this command to migrate room mailbox from on-premises to office365

Remote Hostname: Name of the mail server

PS C:\Users\Administrator.EXAMPORTAL> New-MoveRequest -identity "onpremroom1" -Remote -RemoteHostName "" -RemoteCredential $OnPremAdmin -TargetDeliveryDomain ""

DisplayName StatusDetail        TotalMailboxSize         TotalArchiveSize PercentComplete
----------- ------------        ----------------         ---------------- ---------------
OnpremRoom1 WaitingForJobPickup 127.7 KB (130,780 bytes)                  0 

Get Migration statistics using Get-MoveRequest | Get-MoveRequestStatistics command.

PS C:\Users\Administrator.EXAMPORTAL> Get-MoveRequest | Get-MoveRequestStatistics

DisplayName StatusDetail            TotalMailboxSize         TotalArchiveSize PercentComplete
----------- ------------            ----------------         ---------------- ---------------
OnpremRoom1 CreatingFolderHierarchy 127.7 KB (130,780 bytes) 0 B (0 bytes)    10

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